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uROk To Sleep Guided Meditation With Sari: Relax, Refresh, Renew (Video Intro)
October 25, 2017 05:21 PM PDT
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Get a great night's sleep and wake up refreshed, renewed and re-energised. 5 min video snippet of the new uROk To Sleep Guided Meditation with Sari Mustonen-Kirk. you can find the full 25 minute sleep journey on my podcast page - free for a limited time to subscribers, likers and friends. Enjoy and please comment if you liked it and fell asleep easier and woke up feeling better. Like the uROk To Sleep Facebook page for more info and tips for a super night's sleep.

uROk To Sleep - A Guided Meditation To Refresh, Renew and Re-energise
October 22, 2017 08:47 PM PDT
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Sleep. We all need sleep to rejuvenate our physical bodies, recharge our batteries, and refresh our minds. According to a heap of scientific studies however, far too many of us just aren't getting enough quality sleep each night to reap the mind, body and soul benefits we need to stay on top of our game.

In this limited release podcast of Sari Mustonen-Kirk's latest Guided Meditation for Sleep, we are gifting our loyal listeners and subscribers a free play and/or download before we launch it to the wider market at USD9.95.

Be quick to grab your download and let Sari's soothing voice together with the gentle sounds of Christopher Lloyd Clarke's music guide you into a wonderfully refreshing night's sleep. Awaken feeling relaxed, renewed and reenergised.

Remember to like the episode and please do give us your feedback in the comments section.

This episode will only be available until we launch the uROk Sleep Series in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

Mini Meditation and Coping Strategies 'When bad stuff happens to good people'
August 29, 2017 08:08 PM PDT
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Bad stuff happens to everyone at some point in their lives. No matter how much of a 'good person' you may be, challenging, terrible, sad events will probably still touch your life. What can you do when it happens? In this episode, Sari shares a little of her own 'bad stuff' and how she coped and found success in the face of defeat. At the 14:30 mark enter into a comfortable space (not while you're driving please) for a mini guided meditation that will help you let go, detach and just relax for a while. If you'd like to connect with Sari you can find her on LinkedIn and Facebook by searching for Sari Mustonen-Kirk The Change Agent. Enjoy and we'd love to hear your feedback in the comments section and via ratings on iTunes.

Learning to Live Again - Lesson from RA
August 03, 2016 06:06 PM PDT
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Relating her personal story of being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, uROk Podcast host Sari Mustonen-Kirk shares how she learned to live again, believe again and dream again. Please feel free to share your thoughts and personal stories in the comments section and share this podcast with someone you think it could help.

How Do I Change My Life, Lose Weight, Make Money, Change Jobs? New Year Strategies For Any Time Of The Year
January 08, 2014 05:38 PM PST
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What is the real secret to changing your life for the better? Join Sari Mustonen-Kirk for our eleven year uROk.tv anniversary podcast and find out what millions around the world already know and use. Whether it's your health, wealth, self, love, work, create, or Y (personal purpose) that needs some work, you'll find simple answers and actions you can use straight away. Make today the first day of your life and remember uROk!! PS: Links mentioned in this episode will be posted shortly.

uROk My Life Guided Visualisation & Meditation For Mornings
April 11, 2012 08:49 PM PDT
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Relaxation, Inspiration and Motivation all rolled into one guided visualisation and meditation to relax your body, inspire your soul and motivate your mind. Join Change Agent and uROk.tv Founder Sari Mustonen-Kirk as you take a journey deep into your Real Self to a place of love and light where creativity is free to flow. Allow the ambient sounds together with Sari's soothing voice to help you see yourself as Perfectly You and Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream. Create your Life-Movie and anchor your heartfelt desires into your daily actions. Track 1 is ideal as a 'first thing in the morning' meditation and guided visualisation, and includes a 'wake-up' ending to help you spring into your day with renewed energy, clarity and courage. Join over 1.5 million people globally who have uROk'ed their way to a life with more meaning and purpose.

NB: This track is part of the guided visualisation CD designed for use as a companion to the best selling 'uROk 33 Day Challenge' by Sari Mustonen-Kirk (BPM 2007 all rights reserved).

Stop Worrying & Start Living - Simple Mind Tools For Change: Focus & Choice
August 04, 2010 09:55 PM PDT
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What is the real secret to creating a successful and fulfilling life? Join The Change Agent - Sari Mustonen-Kirk as she shares with you the simple mind tools of Focus and Choice to help you stop the negative habit of worry and replace it with a more constructive operating platform. Discover the gate-keeper to the subconscious mind and how you can simply and easily shift your head and heart towards the fulfilment of the Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream ethos.

For more motivational, inspirational and relaxation tools and techniques to shift you into a new gear and get your life rocking, visit http://www.urok.tv today and join as a free member. Articles, blogs, videos, podcasts and much more - all free! Plus buy the best selling life planning and goal achievement program 'uROk 33 Day Challenge - Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream' for only AUD89.00 (members price) and make today the first day of the rest of your life.

I Am, I Now, I Feel - A Simple Model to Get Your Life Rocking In The Right Direction
April 28, 2010 01:28 AM PDT
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The Change Agent, Sari Mustonen-Kirk delivers another ten minute burst of inspiration and motivation to help you get your life rocking in the right direction. Learn the simple "I am, I now, I feel" model that engages all 3 crucial levels of your being to start implementing positive change and personal growth naturally, effortlessly, organically. Discover the urok philosophy that has already worked for hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life in all corners of the globe.

For more info and to join as a free member visit www.urok.tv

uROk My World Series 1 Candid Conversations with Sari World Premiere Trailer
March 04, 2010 08:01 PM PST
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World Premiere for new internet based tv show 'uROk My World - Candid conversations With Sari' promotiona; trailer.

ABC Coast FM's Peter Scott Interviews uROk.tv Founder Sari Mustonen-Kirk
October 05, 2009 05:22 PM PDT
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Just a quickie today for those who missed it live on ABC 91.7 Coast FM (Australian radio station). I got passed the ABC Thermometer and Peter Scott chats with me about the work uROk.tv does at both the individual and community levels. Enjoy!

Back with regular podcasts in a week or so. In the meantime, check out http://www.urok.tv for more ecoaching videos and articles to help you Dream Your Life, Live your Dream.

Love n light til next time.

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