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Power of Thoughts & Words Chapter 4 Excerpt from 'uROk 33 Day Challenge - Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream' by Sari Mustonen-Kirk
June 02, 2008 07:33 PM PDT
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What can you do right now, today, to improve the quality of your life experience? Join urok.tv Founder and author Sari Mustonen-Kirk for an excerpt from the hugely popular 'uROk 33 Day Challenge - Dream your Life, Live Your Dream' for some quick and easy (yet highly effective) ideas on how to do more, be more, give more and get more out of life.

Sari reads from chapter 4 'Power of Thoughts and Words' to give you a taste of what the uROk 33 Day Challenge is all about. Find out why over 30,000 people globally are tuning in to Sari's podcasts and how the uROk 33 Day Challenge can help you make today the first day of the rest of your life. Discover the path to reconnect with the real you, design the life of your dreams and create and execute the plans and goals to get there.

wwww.urok.tv instant motivation, relaxation and inspiration for the busy person.

Membership is still free. Join the urok.tv nation today and Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream.

The first day of the rest of your life
October 24, 2007 06:40 PM PDT
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Are you ready to reconnect with the Real You and start living the life of your dreams from today onwards? Join Sari Mustonen-Kirk author of the uROk 33 Day Challenge and Founder of urok.tv for a sneak peak into the revolutionary new life management tool thats sweeping the world.

Here's what past celebrity Challengers think of the uROk 33 Day Challenge:

‘Testimonials’ for The uROk® 33 day challengeTuesday 11 September 2007

Dr Linda Radford Health specialist, writer

Firstly, what the challenge is....I believe it is a commitment to really, honestly examine all areas of your life, what you are giving people are the tools to organise their own thoughts rather than some one else’s philosophies.

This means that urok works with you to find the best you not to mould you into some dogma. Secondly while urok gives you the means we must make the commitment to do the actions, you can't just read the challenge you have to do the challenge! You have to act; you have to write things down, say your mantras and record your actions and feelings. Finally the concept of integrating all facets of your life.

We all know that successful businesses are based on principals of research, examination, reasoning and analysis and imagination and creation but very few of us ever consider applying this to our personal and emotional life.

Wow- the urok 33 day challenge is Deepak Chopra meets Bill Gates what a fantastic marriage of spiritual purpose with good business practice!

Abdul Khan Commodities & Foreign Exchange Adviser

I’ve done the wheel 3 times so far, and look forward to doing it again and again. The wheel has helped me to achieve great things in work, and health - 2 areas I sometimes find hard to focus on.

Last year I did the wheel and set myself the goal of completing the Hajj by the end of the year. I was fortunate enough to have completed this pilgrimage last December.

The wheel is an outstanding way of setting goals, listing achievements, and bringing order to one's daily routine. It forces you to focus on your objectives in each of the areas, which can be often hard to do without such a tool, ‘The Challenge’ gives you direction.

Kira Llewellyn Australia's NO 1 Female Body Boarder (Currently Ranked World No 4th)

When I started my 33 day challenge on Thursday 10 2007 I was in great need of direction and positive energy. I did my personal inventory on the uROk.tv website and found I had flat spots in my create, work, self and most definitely in my wealth!!!

I was very excited when I started my personal wheel to be writing goal statements, feeling focused, relaxing to my guided visualisation cd and learning how to be happy and grateful for my life. This helped bring awareness to the 6 major factors: (CREATE, WORK, LOVE, SELF, WEALTH, HEALTH) in my life which I never focused on trying to balance before. Within 1 week I could happily say I was already noticing positive changes in my thinking, speaking and doing. I had a visual of who I am, where I’m heading and what I want out of my Life.

The challenge helped me to really think about my core values in life and to appreciate even the small achievements I make in a day with gratitude and celebration. Half way through the challenge the amazing amount of coincidences was beginning to make me realise just how magical the power of attraction can be!!!

On completion of my first challenge, I have never felt better and I’m ready for my next 33 day challenge. Those flat spots from my personal Inventory are now building to be strengths in my everyday life.

Thanks to uROk!!!!

Kym Crosbie Author "Slapped by an Angel"

Have you ever been to that point in your life where you feel that the universe has stripped you of everything? I was there a week before Christmas. After a particularly trying couple of years swimming against the tide…intrinsically I knew it had to turn, god help me it couldn’t possibly get worse! Or could it? Instead I was hit by a tsunami. T

here I was Christmas 2006, no job, no-where to live and no money!The only thing that kept me going at this point apart from my wonderful friends and family was a book I had just written ‘Slapped by an Angel’ due for release Valentines Day 2007. I knew that I had to give this my best shot and that meant there had to be a shift in me. My energy, my attitude.

A week later I started my 33 day challenge. Even after the first couple of days I was feeling better within myself. I was starting to feel hope again. By the 8th day my energy had shifted and I knew I was going to get through it. By the time I had finished my challenge we had confirmed interviews on A Current Affair and The Today Show, two of my major goals. Many other things happened that are just too hard to articulate…whether they were feelings, instances of serendipity or just a knowing that I was on path.

The funny thing was I already knew about the Law of Attraction. I knew that everything we think and feel we manifest, but sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand. I am now onto my second urok 33 day challenge and I think it is something that I will incorporate into my days, just like cleaning my teeth.

It keeps me focused, on track and gives me the clarity I need to achieve my dreams!

Luscious Lisa Breakfast Host on Radio Metro 105.7fm

Having been a person who never set goals, I’ll admit I was a bit nervous when I was invited to do The uROk 33day Challenge ‘having to commit to something was daunting in itself’.

After a couple of months however, I saw what The Challenge had done for some of my friends, and I thought "O.K I'm ready to do this now" (also while thinking ‘I want a bit of what they’re having’!)

After the 2nd week I stopped thinking so hard as to whether I was writing the correct things and let my thoughts come to me, as soon as I started doing this everything started happening for me. A new place to live with a fantastic new flatmate, extra compare work, a new promotions job, amazing new people coming into my life, plus loads of other amazing personal goals were being achieved.

I am now able to control my thoughts and keep those thoughts positive. The more excited and positive I was about The Challenge, the more exciting and positive things came to me.When I speak about uROk.tv, I speak with such passion, as I want everyone else to get their life Roking!

I'd like to thank the uROk team for giving me the opportunity to be one of the 1st (of millions I'm sure) to do The uROk 33 day Challenge.

uROk big time!

If you're ready to Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream, then visit www.urok.tv now and head to the shop for the uROk 33 Day Challenge - Relation Inspiration & Motivation all rolled into one powerful yet easy DIY programme.

Motivate 2008 with the uROk 33 Day Challenge
January 16, 2008 11:12 PM PST
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Join Sari Mustonen-Kirk founder of urok.tv, author of the uROk 33 Day Challenge and Bullseye Top Trader Thinking to find out what happens to motivation and how you can keep the fires burning easily and affordably.

Are You Ready to Take The Challenge? uROk!
October 25, 2006 09:02 PM PDT
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In every moment there is choice and you know uROk. Isn't it time to show it and shine in the very best version of YOU?

If you're ready to make today the first day of the rest of your life, then perhaps it's time for you to take the uROk 33 Day Challenge. This revolutionary, simple yet incredibly effective life management and goal achievement programme is sweeping the globe. Challengers from as far flung as Helsinki to Sydney, New York to Dubai are discovering their real selves and reaching new heights of empowerment and enlightenment as they work through author Sari Mustonen-Kirk's three step Examine, Imagine Reason model for personal and business growth and change.

Join urok.tv Founder and CEO Sari Mustonen-Kirk for an instant hit of motivation, inspiration and relaxation as she discusses the basics of the uROk 33 Day Challenge. Visit www.urok.tv to buy your copy and discover a whole host of other tools and techniques to help you Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream.

The uROK 33 Day Challenge - The original, the first, the best! Changing lives since 1985. Guaranteed to show positive results or your money back.


Motivational, inspirational, relaxation, and life planning tools, products and services for positive and sustainable change and growth.

uROk and Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream are registered global trademarks of Big Picture Management and Sari Mustonen-Kirk. All rights reserved.

Bullseye Chapter 9 Excerpt - Managing Change
October 28, 2006 01:54 PM PDT
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 Join Co-author Sari Mustonen-Kirk for an excerpt from Chapter 9 of top-selling new book 'Bullseye - Top Trader Thinking'. Chapter 9 deals with the subject of Managing Change, and in this read through Sari gives you a taste of what this chapter is all about.

If you ever wanted to get started in financial markets or simply refocus your trading and get better results with greater ease and enjoyment then 'Bullseye - Top Trader Thinking' is the one-stop traders resource.

Covering everything from traders psychology, universal blocks and systems design and trading plan creation, you can use the concepts in Bullseye and apply them to your trading of stocks and shares, futures, CFDs, FX and options. In fact even if you're only new to these products Bullseye gives you an overview of each of them together with working profitable and losing trade examples. Co-author Matt Kirk is a financial markets professional and licensed advisor with over 20 years experience. Together with Sari's change management and business consulting experience they have created a truly unique and valuable resource for every trader.

Bullseye is available in most good book stores and online via www.toptraderthinking.com and www.urok.com.au

uROk 33 Day Challenge Introduction to EIR - Step 1 Examine
November 02, 2006 05:29 PM PST
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Join creator of the uROk 33 Day Challenge, Sari Mustonen-Kirk for an overview of what to expect from this life-changing experience. Sari walks you through the first step of her three part approach: Examine, Imagine, Reason that she uses to coach you to Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream over the course of the challenge. This is motivation, relaxation and inspiration all rolled into one simple yet incredibly powerful programme to help you reach ever greater levels of success in every area of your life.

For more information on 'uROk 33 Day Challenge' or Sari Mustonen-Kirk check out http://www.urok.tv. Find out why 'uROk 33 Day Challenge' is the simplest yet most effective do-it-yourself life management and goal achievement programme available today. It's money back guaranteed. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking the uROk Challenge.

Remember in every moment there is choice - uROk!!

Guided Visualisation for Busy People
August 18, 2006 10:57 PM PDT
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Guided Visualisation for Busy People
August 18, 2006 10:57 PM PDT
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Join Sari Mustonen-Kirk for a live recording of the first 6 minutes of Dream Your Life, Live Your Dream a guided visualisation for relaxation available to buy at www.urok.com.au.

Let your cares melt away as your body relaxes and your mind drifts off to a calmer state.


Click on the green play button to listen

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